Certified Windows Admins

Since TagleRock Technologies began offering Windows Server Support Administration Services, we have assisted businesses with various Windows-related activities and configurations.

Our Windows Administrators are Microsoft-certified and proficient in all facets of Windows Server Administration.

  • Increase The Speed And Dependability

    If you have a Windows Production Server, you must regularly update the system and do a comprehensive server assessment and scan. Also, this will increase the speed and dependability of the Windows Server.

  • Round-the-clock Monitoring

    Furthermore, we offer numerous Windows Server Management plan options. Likewise, our plans provide round-the-clock monitoring of the Windows Server.

  • Monitoring Windows Server

    Additionally, our Monitoring administrators will monitor your Windows Server and six other essential services around the clock. Contact us to know all the available plans, and we will help you select the most appropriate ones.


Windows Maintenance

  • Windows Server Monitoring for Uptime

    The Windows specialists at TagleRock Technologies will get an immediate notification if your server goes down for over five minutes.

  • Monitoring Disk Usage in Windows

    Don’t worry about disc capacity or if it will reach 100 percent. For instance, we will notify you if your Windows system’s disc utilization is severe.

  • Windows CPU Load Observation

    If your Windows CPU consumption is excessive, our Windows team will get alerts, and we will address the issue.

  • Memory Usage Monitoring for Windows

    If your RAM consumption reaches a critical level, our Windows Monitoring System will alert Windows Administrators, who will find a solution.

  • Windows MySQL Administration

    This Windows Monitoring plugin will verify that your Windows MySQL Database Server is available 24×7.

  • Windows MS SQL Monitoring

    If the health of your mail queue is crucial, our Linux monitoring system will warn us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Moreover, our administrators will analyze it immediately and provide a solution.

  • Windows IIS Monitoring

    This will be a savior for you if you host websites using IIS. Certainly, TagleRock Technologies will identify and resolve any problems with your IIS.


Our Windows Maintenance & Monitoring Workflow

Following is an overview and outline of our Windows server support workflow.

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    When you choose Windows server support, our Windows experts will carefully examine your server’s accessibility, authorized logins, and other facts. So, if everything is in order, our Microsoft Windows specialists will add the server to our monitoring system and initiate your subscription.

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    Once the plan is live, our Windows Support Department will send you an email. In addition, our monitoring staff will then continuously monitor your server, and you will receive regular updates. Also, we would install Windows Updates, perform a security scan, conduct an audit, execute other monthly checks and email you the findings.

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    You may contact our executive team at TagleRock Technologies for any requests, recommendations, etc.

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