Effective Website Content Filtering

Add effects to multiple users so that only work-related information is accessible. You must give your staff the tools they need to be more productive if your business is to flourish in the digital age. Also, one of the most critical assets your workers will need is the Web. However, allowing the use of the internet can lead to its problems if not adequately managed. Moreover, regardless of the content Website Content Filtering settings used, you may guarantee users can always access or never access specific sites by using allow and ban lists. Unlimited entries are possible with TagleRock Technologies, and bulk upload is available for simpler administration.

  • Location-Aware Enforcement

    Employees who have free internet may be more likely to use it for purposes unrelated to their jobs. So, by having the ability to restrict access to particular forms of content, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Netflix, you can make sure that your staff is keeping on target all day.

  • Simple Bypass

    Some workers could need access to particular websites for advertising and marketing objectives, while others might not. Thus, by creating distinct user groups with various levels of entry, you can manage who has access to what information using our Website Content Filtering system.

  • SafeSearch Filtering

    You may manage which messages are filtered to which user groups and which communications are flagged as spam for those organizations by establishing groups of users and giving them access privileges. After basic software systems, you can divide users into subgroups and carefully control the kind of Website Content Filtering accessible to them.

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Cut Down On Security Threats

Safeguarding sensitive information and individual data is one of the most critical aspects of business management. Regrettably, there are individuals around the world that gather information for their benefit and then sell it. Keep your team away from these entities created with the express purpose of retrieving data using synchronized directions.

Various tactics involve sending malicious software, such as viruses, Trojan horses, or Internet worms, to objectionable media that receive a lot of traffic. Users who unintentionally visit these sites run the risk of having security issues. Users may find themselves on infected websites that appear legitimate by performing a simple search for “open source.”

When a user installs and executes the file, your entire infrastructure may get infected with malicious software.

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    You have total control over stopping these dangers with our Content Filtering service. Utilize the content screening service from TagleRock Technologies to shield your company from intrusive visitors.

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