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Housing authorities face the particular issue of having to offer comprehensive services to a large population while having insufficient resources to do so. As a result, many organizations use outdated procedures and management techniques, which irritate staff members and cause service delays for clients.

Making a deliberate investment in online automation machines is one-way housing authorities can provide better service to their residents. TagleRock Technologies assists agencies of all kinds in several cities.

Automating the PaperWork

  • Procedure

    What procedures must a potential renter follow to apply for public housing through your organization? Many government agencies demand that people fill out many paper forms at the office.

  • Transportation

    We know how simply completing the application can be difficult for those who don’t have access to transportation or aren’t available during business hours owing to obligations with their jobs or other commitments.

  • Electronic Documents

    TagleRock Technologies offers accessible electronic documents that anyone can fill out from any computer. Moreover, you may increase access to your housing programs and make it simpler for applicants to locate the housing they require.

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Maintaining Streamlined Filing System

  • Filing System

    Papers need to be bundled and preserved after they are finished. Initially, this was done by stuffing it into a filing system with a simple binder, file, or clip. Security and organization should be a top focus when managing confidential papers related to housing requests.

  • Document Management Platform

    With our smart technology, you may quickly scan paper records and bundle them with other related items. Further, you can quickly index and store them away in a safe online realm with our document management platform. Doing this allows you to make a virtual tenancy record that your team can access and refer to again for future requirements.


Robust Package To Cover Expanding Needs

TagleRock Technologies have created a solution package that we are confident will work because we are aware of these firms’ particular requirements. Housing authorities encounter several fundamental issues, but our products are adaptable and expandable to meet any specific needs that are unique to your organization.

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Custom Logic for Maintenance of the Data

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    Our solution streamlines Work Orders, Site Plans, Capital Improvements, and Physical Needs Assessments, in addition to Work Orders. These documents can be kept and packaged alongside related ones.

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    Thus, you can always have a well-organized packet when you need it. We will assist you in managing your Housing Authority more effectively and provide better services to your community. Also, with this, you can do away with the manual paper component of each of these procedures.

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