CAT6 structured cabling imbibes a well-designed, implemented, and direct cabling system that is the foundation of a contemporary IT infrastructure that supports your technological and transformation objectives. CAT 6 is the sixth generation of Ethernet cable used in residential and commercial networks. CAT 6 cabling complies with Cat 5 and Cat 5e, the specifications that came before it. To learn more about CAT 6 cables visit Wiki

  • Enhance Your Cabling for a Rapid Ethernet Connection

    TagleRock Technologies offers companies in the Texas region the quickest and most dependable connections. With the most recent CAT 6 structured cabling specifications, we can design a system that enables rates of up to 10 Gbps! These high-performance connections facilitate VoIP, video conferencing, and other applications.

  • Skilled Cabling Specialists

    Our skilled CAT 6 structured cabling specialists will implement a system with your requirements in mind. We will analyze the physical arrangement of your area and the objectives you want to achieve. We adhere to the highest performance and security standards while designing, implementing, evaluating, and restoring CAT6 cabling.

  • High-speed Internet Access

    When everybody in your company has access to dependable, high-speed Internet access, you can reduce hassles and boost productivity. Contact TagleRock Technologies for a free site evaluation and no-obligation quote!


Get Gigabit Ethernet Via Cat6 Structured Cabling From TagleRock Technologies

Suppose you are using an older generation of ethernet cables. In that case, you may encounter several restrictions, including shorter maximum run lengths, a greater risk of transmission errors, and poorer Internet speeds. When updating CAT6 connections, you may use gigabit Ethernet speeds across greater distances.

If you are seeking to update obsolete cabling or construct a brand-new system, we can assist you in determining the optimal wiring option. We will be able to suggest the sort of data cabling that will work best for business, be it CAT 6 or another type.

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How Do Our CAT 6 Cabling Services Work?

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    Cost-effective Digital Solutions

    After you contact us with your requirements, we will visit your site for free. During this, we will evaluate the office’s arrangement, hear your requirements, and deliver a no-obligation quote. We are here to guide you through your choices and offer you cost-effective digital solutions. If you don’t use your network other than emails or video calls and no other, investing in CAT 6 Ethernet Cables is still highly recommendable.

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    Network Establish

    Are you willing to improve your network or establish one from scratch? Whether you want Cat6 cabling solutions for a multi-floor project or your system consists of simply a few devices, TagleRock Technologies is the best solution!

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