Improving Healthcare with Technology and Digital Services

As their health professional, you are relied upon by your patients. However, your IT shouldn’t obstruct your work. With tailored technological services, TagleRock Technologies can assist you in advance in your practice. At TagleRock Technologies IT for Healthcare, we know the stringent privacy regulations and essential technical standards necessary for health practices to enter the digital era correctly.

Controlled Security Requirements

  • Security Requirement

    Controlled security requirements are necessary for sharing patient data between healthcare professionals, insurance, patients, and other regulatory organizations. Moreover, the release and use of a patient’s medical information are governed by privacy laws. Don’t allow these rules to limit your use of digital health records.

    So, to benefit from technological tools and optimize your processes without incurring additional costs, we can assist you in adhering to compliance guidelines.

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Optimize the IT Environment for Your Healthcare Staff

  • Digital Solutions

    TagleRock Technologies has extensive experience creating specialized, durable, and secure digital solutions and technology for hospitals, provider networks, healthcare ISVs, and physicians.

  • Technology Developments

    We provide technological solutions while taking the health industry’s structural changes, regulatory reforms, affordability, and responsibility into account. Predictive analysis and reporting, data security, cloud computing, big data, mobility, and digitalization are some of the technology developments that are altering the healthcare industry.


Compliance With HITECH And HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was created to maintain the privacy of individual patient data. Likewise, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) lays up mandatory checkpoints for applying specific technologies regulated by the US government. The risk of non-compliance is very high.

Thankfully, TagleRock Technologies comprehensively understands IT security products and conformity in the healthcare sector. This allows them to adopt innovative solutions to improve your daily operations without going against the law.

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We Recognize Compliance

To contribute to the success of their healthcare company, healthcare IT service providers must match their services with stringent compliance regulations.

We provide a range of healthcare IT services. For instance, we can assist you with thorough IT assessments and strategic IT consulting (such as technology planning, budget, and upgrades). In addition, we provide a range of security services to assist your firm in achieving and maintaining compliance. Certainly, these IT services for healthcare are completely adaptable to your particular requirements and compliant with industry best practices.

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Infrastructure, Software, And Communication Solutions

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    Electronic Medical Record

    Use Electronic Medical Records (EMR) instead of the antiquated file folder system. So, with this, you can boost communication, distribution, privacy, and the backup of your data.

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    TagleRock Technology commits to assisting you in bringing your practice into the digital era so you may use new technologies to help you with your everyday difficulties.

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    Contact TagleRock Technologies for additional details on HIPAA compliance requirements or other medical IT concerns.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Explore our company

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