Remote Desktop Services From TagleRock Technologies

Uninterrupted Workflow Via Remote Areas on Windows Desktop Sessions. Remote Desktop and VPN Support Services provide remote access to Windows-based PC sessions for users. The sessions are generated on our adaptable cloud servers and provided to end-user devices via a secure system.

With TagleRock Technologies RDS, you may allow employees to access their applications remotely. We handle server administration and IT infrastructure updates on our behalf, so you do not have to deal with tedious IT concerns. In addition, we provide 24/7 customer service, including weekends and holidays, to assure that any desktop-related difficulties get resolved immediately.

  • Lower Dependence on On-Premise Equipment

    Every employee in the workplace needs a designated workstation to perform their duties. This results in additional budget restrictions and increased work from the local IT staff.

    By selecting TagleRock Technologies’ Remote Desktop and VPN Support, you may put your IT budget concerns to rest. Since we own and control the equipment in remote data centers, all you need to connect your desktop sessions is simple equipment such as a thin client.

  • Safe Desktop Operations With Enhanced Protections

    Remote Desktop Services protect your data from local hardware problems. Since the data is stored on distant cloud servers, equipment damage will not result in data loss. In addition, TagleRock Technologies provides a safe environment with many layers to ensure secure operations.

  • Low Latency for Effortless Connection

    In the case of Remote Desktop and VPN Support, consumers often worry about desktop performance.

    We provide low-latency ways for your desktop connections, allowing you to access them from remote locations without experiencing any lag. Moreover, we use servers with superior performance to guarantee optimal speed for your remote access experiences.


VPN Services From TagleRock Technologies

  • Distant Network Access

    Further, VPN theoretically refers to a security solution since you have internet traffic, and user identification encrypted. Still, it also enables distant network access if individuals work at home, at a local cafe, or at an airport.

  • Security

    A VPN creates secure Internet access between a client and a network using superior encryption and tunneling methods. Remote employees may access sensitive information from a corporate network without exposing it to unwanted users since business networks can communicate. This is safer than an open, public Wi-Fi network, which lacks this security.

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What To Choose: Remote Desktop Vs. VPN

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    Network Resources

    A VPN solution is often viable if your organization lacks bandwidth-intensive information, databases, and line-of-business applications and has minimal printing and scanning needs. You should have access to network resources remotely without efficiency or security difficulties.

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    Less Bandwidth And Minimum On-premises Gear

    RDP is the superior option if you need a large variety of operations, functionality, and features that VPN does not offer. Even though RDP requires more time and energy to install and set up than VPN, the RDP setting will seem more familiar to remote employees while using less bandwidth and minimum on-premises gear.

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    With RDP, remote employees may function without restriction since they would be in the office. You can use RDP and VPN in conjunction to maximize security and usefulness.

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    In case the efficiency and protection of your remote workforce are a concern for you, please contact TagleRock Technologies so we can examine your existing setup and advise the appropriate setup.

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