Exchange On Premise or Hosted

On-premises Microsoft Exchange facilitates Exchanging Servers on-premises. Also, it is accessible by purchasing a client access license, which requires adequate hardware with Exchange installed. Get more about Exchange On Premise or Hosted.

  • TagleRock Technologies Hosted Exchange Services

    Hosted Exchange may provide your business with several effective tools. By utilizing these techniques, your company may greatly increase the efficiency of its employees. However, without the correct setup, your business could encounter challenges that might cost money in lost productivity. Exchange On Premise or Hosted.

    Our hosted email options at TagleRock Technologies give the advantages of Microsoft Exchange without the costs associated with acquiring, operating, and maintaining the infrastructure. In addition, by hosting your Exchange server in the data center of TagleRock Technologies, you remove these expenses, saving your team time and money. Contact us for Exchange On Premise or Hosted services.



  • Advantages of On-Premises Exchange:

    • On-premises Exchange provides complete control over Exchange, allowing the user to easily customize the Exchange’s configuration and control mailboxes and other components.
    • The updating, restarting, backing up, and shutting down of a server may be handled and executed easily.
    • Exchange Data is entirely under your control, and its location is known.
    • With On-premises Exchange, customers can ensure that their data has the necessary security since you will find it at the specific location.
    • Users may improve the security feature according to their needs.

  • Disadvantages Of On-Premise Exchange

    • At the beginning of the installation process, a substantial expenditure is necessary.
    • On-premises Exchange Server requires technical skills for managing Firewalls, DNS Services, and Active Directory.
    • An on-site Exchange administrator is essential for managing mailboxes, preventing unwanted access, and recovering deleted or corrupted mailboxes.
    • Maintenance and upgrades of hardware and software are quite costly.
    • If a firm has On-premises Exchange, it will be solely accountable for any Exchange data corruption or failure.


Give Your Staff Quick & Easy Access From Anywhere, At Any Device

Our Microsoft Hosted Exchange services provides dynamic email solutions for your business. Also, we configure your server using industry best practices. We offer the security, administration, and support you should anticipate from TagleRock Technologies’ IT experts. Likewise, by allowing them to send or receive emails from their mobile platforms through the Webmail gateway, we provide your employees with the resources they need to deliver more.

You can take the workplace with you by synchronizing your mailbox to a smartphone. In worst case scenario if you lose the device, we may even delete the device to prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive information.

Call us at TagleRock Technologies now for more information on how a Hosted Microsoft Exchange can benefit your business.

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