Are you aware that the most challenging part of your computer is the hard drive? A security breach or accidental deleting data is a relatively frequent occurrence due to the brittle nature of hard drives; it is believed that 6 percent of the total PCs lose data annually! However, rest assured we can recovery your lost data with data recovery service.

data recoverySince accidental deletions are widespread, TagleRock Technologies has the equipment and expertise necessary to search through your damaged hard disc and recover your crucial data with our proven data recovery services.

However, TagleRock Technologies can carry out this function on any hardware to restore your essential data.  To learn more about data recovery services call us today @ 956.682.9889

Data Recovery Solutions

For a wide range of enterprise infrastructures, TagleRock Technologies provides quick, simple, and dependable data recovery services. Thus, we assure you of strong, scalable, and diligently maintained data safeguards.

  • Protection of Data

    We create cutting-edge multi-cloud data protection solutions to safeguard your information across a wide range of workload ecosystems.

  • Integration with VMware

    To enable adaptable and reliable data protection across VM containers and other application contexts, we provide VMware connectors.

  • Internet Recovery

    We design data backup & recovery solutions that enable data recovery while safeguarding vital data against ransomware and online threats

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TagleRock Technologies Can Help You Avoid Data Loss

We have the equipment to retrieve your data, no matter what caused your hard disc to collapse.

TagleRock Technologies can restore your data from a damaged hard disc, but our nightly uploaded technology simplifies the process. The Backup and Crisis Recovery software from TagleRock Technologies runs nightly to backup your industry’s crucial data to a secure data center.

As a component of our IT services, we will administer the data backups for you. This implies that regardless of whether you are backing up your information or a calamity occurs and you have to replace lost information, you don’t need to worry or take any action. TagleRock Technologies will keep hold of everything for you with our all-inclusive backup and data recovery solution.


Don't Let Data Loss Win You Over.

  • Desktop Information

    It seems like your entire planet has collapsed with your desktop when it fails, and you lose all of your information. A hard drive fails when the plate, a tiny metal disc with data that spins at hundreds of revolutions per minute, abruptly stops spinning.

  • Hard Disk Components

    Moreover, a brutal drive collapse could be caused by something as minor as dust getting inside the shell, the computer being pushed and throwing off the tricky balance of the discs, or even wear and tear on the tiny working components within your hard disk drive.

  • Computer System

    Any computer system, including DOS, Apple OS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows, can have data obtained from a machine.

  • Hard Disk Drive

    We have the tools necessary to recover data from your damaged disc hard disk drive and from flash discs, portable magnetic tape, and other devices that store data.

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